July 18, 2009

Guess who’s Blanc Magazine’s¬†Covergirl for the July/August issue?
No one other than me! Haha, sorry for bragging, but I just wanted to show it off a little ūüėČ The amazing issue got released yesterday, and besides a long interview with me it contains several other great articles and fashion pictures. Read it at!

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That’s right, we’re about to get an entire new Real Brand – Miss Sixty. Can’t say that I’m super excited since it’s not really my favourite¬†brand, but there are a few goodies in this new range. And hey, it’s always¬†fun with something new! I still don’t have access to my Photoshop, so that’s why the graphics aren’t that great. Sorry about that!

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Louis Vuitton Shoes

July 8, 2009

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¬†More Louis¬†Vuitton spoilers!¬†Can’t wait for all this LV to¬†get released in Starplaza. I couldn’t find a picture of¬†the real version of these heels, but I know they are from the Spring 2009 line. Someone who’s got a pic?

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… I’m just having some trouble uploading it, don’t really know what’s wrong. Anyone who knows if it has¬†to be a special file¬†type or something?¬†It just keeps saying “file does not meet security guidelines.” Hm…

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I know many of you miss the Sephora make up, and so do I. Better colour selection, better prices and somewhat easier to work with Рjust a few things that made Sephora better than Dot. But did you know you still can find some Sephora make up in Starplaza? If you use the search tool and search for a certain colour, some items will turn up on the last page. Green, purple and brown has worked for me.

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Hey everyone, Malonce here!
I’ve been on Stardoll for more than three years now, so I thought it’d be fun to start blogging about this well known creativity outlet where your fashion dreams can come a bit more true. As the fashion lover I am,¬†I love to identify all the ah-mazing Stardoll¬†clothes out there¬†–¬†so there will be lots of¬† ID:ing going on here.¬†But that’s not all¬†– there’ll also be lots of how-to-steal-that-celebrity-style, how-to-wear-it and fabulous Stardoll¬†fashion news in general.¬†Sounds good, eh?

So why not start right this minute? The fun is just getting started.
Keep yourself posted!